What Kind Of Person Are You Based On Your Finger Shape?…find out here

02: If you have type B finger..
– You are not used to taking initiative to approach people
– You are very loyal. Once you fall in love with someone, you will give them your full attention and will always think about them.
– You are actually very sensitive, but you don’t quite look like you are, because oftentimes you are protecting someone’s feelings by pretending that you don’t know anything.
– Once you decide to do something, you’ll strive to do it until the end.
– You’re afraid of being hurt. You pretend that you’re okay when you’re alone, but actually, you’re not.
– You will remain calm even when you are feeling extremely uneasy about something
– You appear to be a strong and independent person who always speaks rather harshly although you are very soft-hearted and easily hurt inside.
– You like to imagine things. You always dream of someone who will understand and love you, and give you everything you want……...MORE ON PAGE 2 BELOW