What Kind Of Person Are You Based On Your Finger Shape?…find out here

03: If you have type C finger..
– You are easily touched.
– You easily let go of things that make you angry, and you don’t hold grudges.
– You don’t like challenges. You don’t like to deal with anything unfamiliar to you.
– You respect people’s opinions
– You could sometimes be overbearing. Your ego is extremely high when quarreling with someone, but after that, you will apologize first to the person you were quarreling with.
– You always keep your feelings and problems only for yourself.
– You don’t like to pretend, and you know well what you like and dislike. You also like people to trust and depend on you.
– You have a soft heart, and can easily be hurt, so whenever someone apologize to you, you will always forgive them because you can’t stand being in fight with somebody for too long.