Team Mafisi Drool After Corazon Kwamboka’s Sister After Going Ratchet At Romain Virgo Concert With A Massive Twerk (EXPLICIT PHOTOS)

Nowever, like in any other field of “economy”, these particular fellows have eventually become icons to those who look upon them for mentorship. A perfect example is Corazon. Her younger sister only known by her social media names ‘Taureanbeb’, has been observing and learning.

The upcoming socialite, just like her elder sister, is slowly taking the local industry by storm. Although she is not well endowed like her senior, the young lass seems to be thirsty for fame.

corazon kwamboka's sister

Corazon Kwamboka rose to prominence because she could twerk – albeit in granny panties, and it would seem her sister has plucked a page from her book. She has taken to twerking like a monkey to mangoes and trust that she can truly shake her derriere.

During the much-publicised Romain Virgo concert which went down at the KICC last night, Corazon’s younger sister was at it again!!! All we can say is that she is really trying to shake her butt and maybe soon she will be joining the top flight league of twerking socialites!!