• Prof Saitoti’s sickness was never reported in the media nor was his hospitalization — in spite of the fact that it was basic information. The individuals who saw him say his skin was truly peeling off.

    In any case, when he returned following a couple of months, Prof Saitoti denied bits of gossip that he had been harmed. He would later say that he didn’t know the individuals who executed Dr Ouko on the grounds that he “was oblivious when Ouko was being murdered”.
    The Grand Regency Hotel was constructed by the group of the late Mohamed Aslam, who controlled Pan African Bank.

    Aslam was included in the Goldenberg embarrassment and after his passing, his family sold the Grand Regency to Mr Kamlesh Pattni’s organization, the Uhuru Highway Development Ltd.

    Returns of Pan African Bank demonstrate that other than Aslam, who held lion’s share shares through Plaza Investments Limited, different shareholders, included then State House Comptroller Abraham Kiptanui and a Mr Hedam. A portion of the shares were later exchanged to Kimya Investments and Mr M.H. da Gama Rose.

    At the point when Aslam tried to construct the hotel in 1985, the completely paid-up capital of 2,000 shares was partitioned between Daniel arap Moi (800), Aslam (1,020), C. Kirubi (80), W. Murungi (60) and G. Lindi (40).

    As the Minister for Finance, Prof Saitoti ended up at the heart of these mind boggling exchanges; a web that he would never leave freely.

    At the Treasury, he had stumbled into  Kamlesh Pattni’s Goldenberg International problem and affirmed a proposition to give the organization compensation and monopolize it in the business of exporting non-existent god and diamonds. Four months after he was harmed, he had come back to Treasury to get ready for the June 1990 Budget Speech.

    Off camera, Hezekiah Oyugi, the powerful Permanent Secretary in the President’s Office, had pushed for a gold export compensation plan for endorsement by the Treasury.

    At that point, the organization included was Arum Limited and months before Prof Saitoti was poisoned, he had gotten a note from Mr John Keen, who was an Assistant Minister of State in the Office of the President, proposing that gold exporters be allowed a sponsorship to contend positively with dealers.

    As he recuperated, the Commissioner of Mines and Geology kept in touch with Arum saying a between ecclesiastical choice was being anticipated. In the Budget Speech of June 7, 1990, Prof Saitoti reported that the fare pay plan “be extended and supplemented with an import obligation exclusion plan”.

    Regardless of whether he was constrained into this approach is not known and he hushed up about it. In the next month, he got the Head of the Special Branch, James Kanyotu, and representative Kamlesh Pattni in his office.

    They had consolidated another organization, Goldenberg International Limited, and needed to be allowed 35 per cent export compensation.

    They likewise ensured that he realized that they had been to State House to campaign for the same, as indicated by the report of investigation into the corruption case. At the point when Prof Saitoti got a letter from his PS, Mr Phillip Mbindyo, looking for his endorsement, he composed