This article appeared in one of the local dailies showing how devil worship has taken root in Kenya’s learning institutions,
We shy away from mentioning it by name. Not even head teachers would dare face the students who are said to be members, for the warnings to those who try to delve into their activities are as chilling as the graveyard. On the few occasions where brave head teachers have taken the menace head on, they have been accused of jumping the gun, that they have no facts to prove the allegations.


When the authorities talk about radicalization, we are often quick to think of radical Muslim teachings that breed terrorism. Nobody is ready to face the fact that Illuminati is another form of radicalization sweeping across our schools like bush fire from the 90s. A silent but very lethal religious doctrine has taken root and now seems to have built shrines in our schools yet we are all silent about it, occasionally dismissing it as the usual hysterical neurosis (hysteria). That radicalism is in the form of illuminati and devil worshiping in our boarding primary and secondary schools is real.

An encounter with such students paints a gruesome picture of a world apart from the real world, a realm of spirits and macabre activities that go beyond the graves to limbo and to the deep sea rituals. They feed not on our everyday table but under the sea at night and come back full! They boast of being involved in freaky accidents that claim lives on our roads and perform s3xual orgies akin those of Sodom and Gomorra.

At first when you sit down to listen to the stories, you might dismiss them as concocted tales by some juvenile minds out to scare others, but the reality hits home when you see them writhing like snakes on the ground during pastoral programs that scare away even the bravest of the Christian Union members.
Most of these children explain that they were recruited into the groups while in primary particularly boarding primary schools by their standard 7 and 8 peers. Some get into it in form 1 and 2 through biscuits and all those things the rich bring to their children during visiting days. 

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