That is why most boarding secondary schools have banned snacks during visiting days. And because majority of the parents have decided to let the responsibility of raising their children in the hands of teachers, primary boarding schools is a fertile ground for the seed of devil worship and illuminati to germinate and thrive.
Early child development experts will tell you that between the ages 1­13, a child is best nurtured under the wings of her parents. 

At that age his/her mind is susceptible to any kind of doctrine good or bad.
These children are rebellious in school, they have all sorts of excuses not to go to class or prayer meetings. They mostly exhibit illnesses related to chest problems, constant fainting and convulsions especially during Christian union programs and prayer meetings (this doesn’t mean all those who have chest problem are in illuminati, far from it). 

But whenever you take them for medical check­ups, they are often found to be as fit as a fiddle. Some have indelible tattoos on their bodies with girls having them at the back down towards the waist, the most notorious being the ‘Tomb Stone’ symbol. They identify each other by signs; the scariest one is where one gets cut marks as if someone has cut them with a sharp razor blade when they encounter a fellow member.

One child recently shocked everyone including her parents and the Pastor when she bluntly told them that she was not ready to change unless she got her ‘chain’ which purportedly got lost mysteriously as she was transferring from her former school.

Just after one term, the whole class would fall under the influence of their powers’ , ripple effect would be felt when they start recruiting new members in the new schools they get admitted to, as one by one the pastoral programs start losing its lustre and vigour.
Finally, the performance of the other students starts going south as laziness creeps in and takes hold of the class.

The problem is compounded by the fact that while the school may be struggling with the situation, the parents seem unaware and if they are, they never tell the school administrations unless they are confronted by the school authorities. Matters are made worse by the education policies since there is no clause that explains how to deal with such issues.

A report by a presidential commission of inquiry in 1999 remained just that, a report, with nothing implemented from its recommendation; in fact, it was like an authorisation of devil worshiping in Kenya.
“Satanism is not forbidden by any law,” the chairman of the commission, Archbishop Nicodemus Kirima, said when he released the findings of the report which has never been made public to date. Now that was the final nail on the coffin.

The kind of guiding and counselling panels we have in our schools are ill prepared to handle issues of such magnitude given that they are not experts on spiritual matters. And because our churches have all started opening their own banking societies, (pun intended) the schools are left to fight the battle alone.
In June 2009, Hart Research Associates conducted a national survey on 1,615 American parents with children aged between zero to three and found out that there is a wide rift between what child development research shows and what parents think.